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Free Create-Burn ISO 2.0

Create and burn ISO files with this free and useful program
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ISO files are exact images of optical disks (hard drives, CDs, DVDs or Blu Ray disks) that include every characteristic of the original disk. These files are especially useful if you want to change your computer's hard drive and want to back up all the files of the old one so you can reinstall them in the new drive.

This free program allows you to create ISO files from any disk and/or set of files/folders in an easy and fast way. You only need to select the disk, files and/or folders you want to back up and choose one of the options: Create ISO, Burn ISO or Burn CD/DVD. Also, you can choose between ISO and UDF formats, or a combination of both. The program also lets you choose if you want to burn a CD or a DVD, thus adjusting the program's parameters according to the disk's available space. If you are using a rewritable disk, the program lets you erase it before burning. If you are backing up an operating system, a repair tool or any other file or disk to which you need to have access before booting your computer, then you can make the disk bootable.

The program is very easy to use and works fast in general. Of course, its speed depends on your system and your burning device's capabilities, as well as on the length of the file(s) you want to back up. If you have important data you want to burn into ISO files, then this program will be very useful for you.

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